Digithings Thing 6: Curation Tools

Welcome to week 6 of Digithings, this week we are going to look at curation tools, in particular we will look at Scoop.It.

What are Curation Tools

Curation tools are web and app based tools that are used to compile articles from the Internet. The most popular is Pinterest, which offers a very visual form of content curation. It allows the user to easily compile images from the web. The aim of them is to help find things of interest within your subject and then allow you to display the elements that you find of value.

Another tool that you could use for curation is Storify, this gives you the ability to pull in various articles, blogs and feeds from the web and display them on your page and allow you to offer your own narrative on them.

Curation tools like Scoop.It primarily aggregate articles that you find of interest, but the true value of them comes from when you as the editor can offer your own critique on them.

Why use Scoop.It

Scoop.It makes it quick and easy to source articles relevant to your area topic and displays them in a format which is engaging to the viewer. You can also connect your Scoop.It account to your social network or blog, meaning that you can easily reach a wide audience of like-minded people. Curation tools are available over a variety of different devices, meaning you are able to connect with the audience in many different forms.

You can also follow other users who have similar interests to yourself and re-publish their stories and then offer your own views on the articles. You can create as many topics as you like, so you are not limited to only one area of interest.

Scoop.It is useful for research, by searching the key words you enter for your topic, Scoop.It pulls the latest articles that may be of interest to you and offers them in the form of suggestions. This takes a lot of the pain out of searching the web for new articles related to your topic. You can also receive recommendations from other Scoop.It users, who may think that you might find certain articles relevant.

Curation tools are also a good way to get students to find and research articles that they are studying. They also offer students the platform to offer their own critical analysis and allow them the opportunity to collaborate with their peers. The tools help the students to frame and reflect on articles, feeds or blogs and add their own commentary.

How do I use Scoop.It

You need to sign up for a Scoop.It account at http://www.scoop.it/

Here is a short video that shows how you can use scoop it.

The user enters their area of interest as the topic title, Scoop.it then uses the key words that you provide to search the web for articles which may be of interest to your particular subject matter. It then provides suggestions that you can use to build your page. You can then curate the content within the article so that it pulls out the points that are relevant to you.

There are a few different ways to add content to your topic that are listed in this article.


Small Task

Once you have signed up for a Scoop.It account, enter a topic which is relevant to your area of research.


Enter the key words which are relevant to your topic.

Then start adding, editing and critiquing your articles, using

  1. Suggestions from Scoop.It
  2. An article from someone else’s Scoop.It site
  3. An article relevant to your research from the Internet using the Scoop.It Bookmarklet tool. http://www.scoop.it/bookmarkletInfo

Quick Tip

Don’t be afraid to add more topics as you refine you searches and subjects.

Further Reading

Exploring Curation as a Core Competency in Digital and Media Literacy Education by Paul Mihailidis – http://www-jime.open.ac.uk/article/2013-02/html

10 steps to curate your social media content with scoop it for increased value by Shirley Williams – http://socialmediapearls.com/10-steps-to-curate-your-social-media-content-with-scoop-it-for-increased-value/

Google’s Matt Cutts: Create, curate, don’t aggregate - Blog by Pawan Deshpande – http://www.curata.com/blog/googles-matt-cutts-create-curate-dont-aggregate/

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One Response to Digithings Thing 6: Curation Tools

  1. joanie says:

    Thanks for an interesting topic and task this week Mark.
    I have created a scoop.it site/page and the link is below.

    I have also read with interest a couple of the articles you signposted. I am slightly skeptical of the claims that content curation tools can be used pedagogically, but am more than happy for someone to give examples of how they might have used curation tools in their teaching and learning.

    I will elaborate on my findings and musings more on my blog.
    : )

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