DigiThing 9: ‘Flipping the Classroom’ Presentation …and App!

Here are the slides from Tuesday’s workshop led by Dr Sharon Gedye.

‘The Flipped Classroom Lite’ App for iPhone/ iPad

If you have an iPad or iPhone, you may also find ‘The Flipped Classroom Lite‘ app created by Teachers Tech useful. The free version includes a course that covers all aspects of ‘Flipping the Classroom’ through introducing what the concept means to looking at a range of tools and techniques. These include podcasting, screen recording and video-creation. Each section contains a series of videos – however, as this is a free version, many are greyed out. If you’re interested in learning more about a topic, get in touch with your local Learning Technologist¬†or have a look at the courses and workshops we offer.

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Flea is a Learning Technologist who aims to inspire and support those who would like to enhance their teaching, learning, research ...and life through using technology.
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