About DigiThings

DigiThings is an online course for academics which aims to explore digital tools, in a friendly and supportive environment, that could be useful for your teaching and research activities. It was created by the Academic Support, Technology & Innovation (ASTI) Team at Plymouth University.

It has been adapted from LD5D: Digital Things for Learning Developers, which was influenced and led by Dr Helen Webster, an Academic Developer at Anglia Ruskin University. Helen previously developed DH23Things for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and STEMDigital for Sciences, while at Cambridge University. All of these programmes are available under a Creative Commons licence (CC BY NC SA).

The first ‘Thing’ we look at is creating an online presence through setting up your own personal blog. These will be linked to this central blog, creating a professional development network. You are encouraged to try a different ‘Thing’ each week, write a reflective post about your experiences and read and comment on others’ – sharing good practice and learning from each other!

Our first Module looks at different presentation tools as this was an area that was identified by students as having room for improvement.

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