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A rest week for DigiThings

I hope you all enjoyed looking at Mindmaps and that some of you found the time to explore them more fully. This week, we take a little time off to reflect on what we have learned and will re-convene next … Continue reading

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DigiThings Thing 4: Presenting with Mindmaps

Introduction: This week we are looking at mindmaps and exploring ¬†how we can add them to our armory of tools for presentation. OK, so I know we are all familiar with the ‘mindmap’ or ‘spider-diagram’. Many of us find it … Continue reading

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DigiThings Thing 3: Collaborative Presentation with Prezi

Introduction: There was a time, maybe not that long ago, when it seemed that the default choice for all our presentations was the ubiquitous Powerpoint. Some people would make a real effort to get the best out of it, but … Continue reading

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