Postgraduate Researcher Digital Skills

May 25th, 2017

This is a series of 10 guides that have been developed for Plymouth University postgraduate research students. They are aimed at helping researchers to develop their skills and practices to enable them to engage with the digital world safely and effectively.

Being a digital researcher brings exciting opportunities for researchers to

  • gather, present and manage data
  • share ideas with fellow researchers
  • promote your research
  • write about your research.

However, as work is opened up to a wider, global audience, it is vital that an awareness of responsibilities is also developed. Most of this knowledge should already be an essential part of any research practice but the Internet can add a new dimension, for example

  • cloud tools like file storage e.g. Dropbox, and online tools e.g. blogs, could be located in any country in the world and subject to their laws
  • what you do is highly visible requiring not only paying attention to the Intellectual Property Rights of others but learning how to protect your own
  • what you put on the Internet may well be there forever and viewable by potential employers, colleagues, clients, patients, experimental participants etc., not just friends and family.

The guides are aimed at developing digital skills and practices in the following areas

00 Overview of Guides

01 Writing as a digital researcher

02 Developing a digital profile

03 Communicating about your research online

04 Mind mapping

05 Online surveys

06 Data visualisation

07 Reference management

08 Designing with multimedia materials 

09 Video capture and editing

These resources have been repurposed for Plymouth University students with the kind permission of the JISC funded Exeter Cascade Project.

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